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Water Filter Carbon Block Insert for Freestanding Water Coolers


Replace every 6 months.

Compatible with mains fed water coolers.

30 in stock


Water contaminants are removed from drinking water by activated carbon filters through two processes: adsorption and catalytic reduction. The activated carbon reacts chemically with organic compounds in the water, trapping them inside its pores. As the water passes through the filter, the carbon acts like a sponge, attracting impurities to its pores where they become trapped. Due to the strong attraction exerted by the carbon on the contaminants, they are adsorbed instead of remaining dissolved in water. In the pores of the carbon, contaminants cannot escape back into the water, allowing your drinking water to flow out of the filter contaminant-free.

Activated carbon filters also use catalytic reduction to remove chlorine and other chemicals from your drinking water. By attracting the negatively-charged chemical ions to the positively-charged activated carbon, a catalytic reduction effectively removes the chemicals from water. Our drinking water often contains chlorine because water treatment plants use it as a disinfectant.


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