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Wall Mounted Water Boiler | WB-BW-AQ


  • Dispenses up to 90 cups per hour (1 Cup = 180 ml)
  • High efficiency insulation ensures minimum heat loss
  • Initial Draw – 5 L = 30 cups, 7.5L = 45 cups
  • Reheat time: 22 minutes for 5L and 29 for 7.5L
  • Constructed of stainless steel for maximum hygiene
  • Constant, safe delivery of water, at or near boiling point
  • Electronic temperature control ensures accurate, constant temperature
  • Constructed of stainless steel for maximum hygiene
  • Can be used by anyone aged 8+
  • Usually installed above the sink where mains cold water and a 13 amp supply is available
  • Ideal for commercial canteens, catering kitchens, and high use staff rooms
  • Power: 2000W
  • Size: H: 448mm, W: 320mm, D with tap: 293mm


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Quench Professional Water Boiler – Mains Fed Wall Mounted Hot Water Dispenser
Constant, safe delivery of water, at or near boiling point. Switched on at the start of a busy day, the Quench Professional Boiling Water Dispenser will be always ready to pour a hot cup of water for tea, coffee or any other hot drink. Simply switch it off at the end of the day.
Wall mounted instant boiling water heaters are essential appliances for busy kitchens. Quench’s high-precision temperature control systems are designed to keep the boiling water within one degree of boiling point. This means boiling water, and only boiling water is delivered. Save time, save energy, save money.
The Quench Water Boiler must be installed by a qualified service person. The installation must comply with the local building regulations and the relevant wiring and plumbing regulations.

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5 Litre, 7.5 Litre


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